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Orders are received via the order form on the KATRUS sites. To place an order, the user must first provide the true address and phone number.

Shipping terms:

We deliver orders in 1-10 business days.


We accept payment on bank account or via PayPal. If paying into our account, you must provide your order number as the reference - to allow us to identify the payer.


The merchandise sold in the KATRUS store is ALWAYS new. We provide the right to return or exchange the purchase within 10 business days.


In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 1997, No. 133, item 833) please be informed that our Customers' personal data is stored in our company database. Personal data is collected only for our needs and processed to carry out the company's lawful business activity as well as the promotional and advertising activities in compliance with the data protection requirements specified in the provisions on personal data protection.


The descriptions and photos may not be copied, processed or distributed in whole or in part without our consent. Such activity is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the copyrights. Legal basis: Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 24, item 83, amendment: Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 43,

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